Monday, August 17, 2009

OCL Spotlight Set of the Week! {Aug.17}

It's my turn to host the Our Craft Lounge

Spotlight Set of the Week, Fueled by Caffeine. You can go here to get a list of retailers, go to the right and click on more info to purchase this set!

Coffee is so yummy these days with all the flavor's of beans and packaged coffee's, biscotti, coffee cakes etc. mmmm!The gift set ideas are limitless and this set is perfect for gift bags and tags for the coffee lovers in your life!

Go on over to the OCL blog The Lounge to see more on my gift bag set.

Terry was outside weedeating one day last week and he came inside and told me to come and look at something. There were 2 little bitty baby bunnies trying to hide in some moss growing on a big rock on the side of our yard. One of the little guys ran off and this little one hunkered down trying to hide. I got several pictures and I even petted him with my finger.
That kinda freaked him out a little and he jumped down on another level of the rock and I got this picture. Look at those tiny ears, so cute!

I hope your Monday is a great one, thanks for stopping by!


Basement Stamper said...

Great little project. One of your cards made me run out and order this set and I finally used it this weekend. And, I don't even like coffee ;-)

Hope the bunnies aren't eating all your plants!

Diana said...

This is an awesome project!! If I liked coffee, I'd be giving you my address for a new home for this!


C.C. said...

That's a beautiful bag and the bunny is so precious!

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