Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter CHA 2010

I'm home, just in time too. I flew in from Dallas Thursday just ahead of a snow storm. They closed Little Rock airport on Friday, phew, that was close! We have about 8" of snow on the ground!
I had the best time at CHA, if my leg wasn't hurting me it would have been perfect! I had a couple of bad days with my leg, too much walking around, but, I got to spend time with my BFF's and it was so worth it to me. I love you girls, thanks for taking care of me!

Me, Tex and Joan flew out together on Thursday. We had a wild ride flying in to Phoenix. My stomach went in my throat more than once...after we landed we found out our next flight to Ontario was cancelled do to wind...ACK!

We finally got a room and in the center of the hotel was the prettiest garden full of cactus, flowers and orange trees. I wish I could have taken pic's but it was really stormy, the wind was blowing hard and oranges were falling off the trees, we were being bombed by oranges, and they were huge, can you imagine? LOL!
When we got to Anaheim, there was excitement all around. I met up with Joy and I went to work at Scrapbook Heavens booth doing make-n-takes for Our Craft Lounge. Me and my friend HB hung out doing make-n-takes and walking the floor. We did a couple of make-n-takes ourselves, and then it was time to set up the OCL booth. We had a lot of laughs at CHA and at Joy's, where we stayed, I laughed so hard, we were in tears just about every night. (it was all Kisa's fault)

I'm going to share a few pic's with you, I wish I would have taken more!

Up, up and away!

Sweet Vicki Chrisman, me and HB.

Crafty Secrets booth and Sandy Redburn, trying to get out of the picture, gotcha Sandy!

Super cute cake in the Crafty Secrets booth.

The highlight of my trip was taking a Tim Holtz class, OMG. It was amazing, we got his new book and he autographed it for us. We made the cutest frame with grunge paper flowers cut with his new die from Sizzix. We got some of his new Distress Ink pads too, yummy colors, I can't wait to get the rest of them!Me, Mario Rosse and Joy KennedyMe and Wendy VechhiMe and Suze WeinbergCarol DuvallMe and Jenn Balcer
Me and Beate Johns

Bye-bye, Cali


Joy said...

Oh Pi, I just love your pix!!!! I miss you soooooooooo much. Thank you for coming out even though I know you were in such pain. I loved having you here! Love ya!!!!

TexasGrammy said...

Piris ... I adored having shared some wonderful times as well as some stinky travel times with you. You made it all worthwhile ... and I can barely stand the wait until we can visit again in "peace"! LOL

{{{hugs from Texas}}}

MichelleY said...

Awwww Piris....I had such a wonderful time hanging out with you! You were such a trooper with your aching leg. I hope the snow has allowed you to slow down and get some much needed rest!

I {heart} you!!!!

Carol (HB) said...

You are right! It was ALL Kisa's fault! LOLOLOLOL!!
I sure wish we had more time - it was just the best time EVER!
I love ya girl! Can't wait for next time!!!

QC said...

Looks like you had a great time with friends.......the best times! The class sounds awesome. *jealous* :)

Wish I could have gotten hugs. Ah, well, it will happen again one day!!

Vicki C said...

OH it was SOOOO Great to finally get to meet you in PERSON!!!

Joan Ervin said...

What wonderful pics, Pam....I can't believe you got such clear pictures through the windshield..WOW!!! I miss your sweet self....hope you are feeling better!!! Hopefully, we can get together again...we will havta show up on Tex's door step one day!!!

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