Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween ATC's and a cactus story

Good Morning!
It's almost Halloween and I want to get in as many Halloween projects as I can, I love Halloween, I love scary movies, I love Stephen King, just sayin' :)
These ATC's here are not so scary though, the images are too cute! They are from the Crafty Secrets Halloween Greetings Creative Scraps.

 I colored the chipboard keyhole with Copic marker 100, glued the tiny image behind it and filled the hole with Glossy Accents. There is a tiny bubble right under the right eye, see it? It looks like a tear, ahhh. I glued the 31 bingo piece to a flat head pin and stuck it in the bow. I added faux stitching with my tracing wheel and put vintage photo corners on the corners. 
 This little cutie is going on a haunted house tour. The text is from my vintage childrens Halloween story book. You can get the metallic black stickers at the top and bottom of this one from Crafty Secrets.
When I went to CHA in California a few years ago, we had a layover in Phoenix. It was storming as we (me, Tex and Joan) were running to our room and we were being bombed by these giant oranges falling off the trees. Me being from Arkansas, I was amazed by this, no orange trees here! Anyway, the cactus around the hotel were HUGE, they were in these HUGE pots scattered around and again, I was amazed. I fell in love with cactus all over again. I wanted to buy one at the airport gift shop on our way home, but, Tex wouldn't carry it for me on the plane, hahahaha.
After I got home I looked at the nursery in Clinton, where Iwork and the lady said she would never sell cactus, she was from Arizona and hated them, WHAT? So, I finally found this one and a couple of weeks ago it bloomed for the first time. HUGE blooms, beautiful! Isn't it something how this prickly sorta ugly looking thing can produce this. Again, amazing.

Have a great day!
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artistamyjo said...

Love your ATC's and your story too!
What a lovely cactus,the flowers are beautiful.

Jan said...

How adorable...I love Halloween. too!

~amy~ said...

I love your halloween projects and the blooms on your cactus are amazing!!

Conniecrafter said...

very cute projects and the flower on your cactus is just Beautiful.

Lana said...

They are both very cute! The flowers on cactus just fantastic!

Kelly Booth said...

LOVE LOVE those Sweet ATC's....So Cute!! I too hate Cactus....Been in Arizona all my Life and I could do without it!! But.....I do think that Bloom on yours is just Stunning!! Love it!!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Playing catch up and this is an adorable post. Love your photo's, what a lovely bloom. I have a 34 yr old soft to the touch Cactus given to me when my son was born.
Your ATC's are so precious. Cutest designs.

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